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  1. A video by NBC's Jacob Soboroff appearing on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly - featuring Rusty Justice & Michael Harrison. Watch the Video  ..

  2. Justin Hall the President of Bit Source was voted as one of the top "100 Most Creative People in Business 2017" by Fast Company. ..

  3. Bit Source visited Pittsburg and took part in the Inspire Series by South Fayette High School.    ..

  4. Cassady Rosenblum visited Bit Source in the Spring of 2017, she helped to publicize the misunderstandings that surround the term, Hillbilly. ..

  5. Bit Source is a place based solution.   ..

  6. Bit Source believes in Appalachia's ability to transition from one economy to the next.  ..

  7. “Coal miners are really technology workers who get dirty,” - Rusty Justice ..

  8. With some aptitude, and commitment you can achieve anything you set out to do.    ..

  9. Meet the Company Teaching Coal Miners To Code

    “The mind of a coal miner or an engineer, you know, they’re very technical. It’s not like what probably most people think about it with the pickaxe and shovel,” Bit Source’s president, Justin Hall... Watch the Video ..

  10. We are honored to be included on a list with such high tech solutions.    ..

  11. Bit Source

    Thanks WYMT for the local press following up our national recognition.  ..

  12. We are grateful for this level of admiration and are thankful for being on the list with these 6 other companies to watch.  ..

  13. We are excited to be a part of all of the efforts underway to reshape our economy and we look forward to the future and what is to come.    ..

  14. “I grew up in a holler, I know what a holler looks like,” said Hall. “Now that I’m programming and teaching others how to program and building a business around that, it’s kind of interesting to see these memes collide...

  15. “The realization I had was that the coal miner, although we think of him as a person who gets dirty and works with his hands, really coal mines today are very sophisticated, and they use a lot of technology, a lot of robotics,” Charles “Rusty” Jus..

  16. Visitors from Bloomberg visited the Bit Source facility and published this piece.    ..

  17. This article references Lauren Smiley's piece on medium and discusses the outlook for miners in an everchanging world.    ..

  18. An article that references Lauren Smiley's Canary in the Code Mine and discusses some of the technologies that we use at Bit Source.   ..

  19. This is one of the first major articles written about Bit Source. It is a thorough and honest look at the blue collar transition from industrial work to software development...

  20. “They’re blue-collar coders. That’s what they’re gonna be. We have to be what we are.” — Rusty Justice​   ..

  21. Garland Couch used to work in the coal industry. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, the Whitesburg native had worked in many of the positions the industry has to offer...

  22. PIKEVILLE – Nearly an hour’s drive from his home in Johnson County, Jim Ratliff is nestled in a corner behind one of dozens of computer screens inside a former Coca-Cola plant renovated to house a software and web development firm called Bit Sourc..

  23. Your résumé is on point. You have stellar education credentials, remarkable skills and achievements in your area of expertise, and years of experience in the field to back it all up. You’re ready to land that next great opportunity...

  24. PIKEVILLE — On August 24, the community and chamber members welcomed Eastern Kentucky’s newest technology company, Bit Source...

  25. "SOAR's a catalyst to change all that, to change the divisions that have been here for a long time, and that in turn will result in job growth, community growth all throughout the region," Arnett said...