Wordpress Plugin Spotlight: Elementor

Tools of the Trade
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As a WordPress developer working at Bit Source, I’ve tried several drag and drop page-builders over the years and have usually walked away frustrated and disappointed. Even WordPress’s own Gutenberg, as elegant as it is to look at, gives me headaches when I try to use it.

The best of the bunch, and one we use to make many of our sites, is Elementor. Elementor, a product of the Israeli software company Elementor Ltd., is the sixth most popular WordPress plugin, installed on more than five million sites. Recommending Elementor is kind of like rooting for the Yankees, but it has a large and active developer community behind it for a reason.

Elementor comes in free and Pro flavors. At Bit Source we use the Pro version for added features, but the free version is very capable. Elementor has dozens of widgets to quickly add anything from images and text to progress bars and testimonials to your site. The best feature of Elementor for me as a developer is the level of control it gives you over layout. Arranging your rows and columns is (mostly) easy to do with its tools.

There are a lot of welcome options to change the layout for mobile devices as well. You can show/hide any element on any combination of desktop, tablet, or mobile. You can set your font sizes, padding and column order per device as well. I find myself needing to dive into the CSS or write HTML a lot less often, although of course we have clients who have special requests that we need to hand code from time to time.

The Pro version also provides integration with WooCommerce, making it relatively easy to create more customized pages for your online shop.

In a great many cases a WordPress website customized with Elementor will be a great fit for a customer who wants something a little more unique than an off-the-shelf theme. If you have a vision for the perfect website for your business, give Bit Source a call and we will make it a reality.