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Digital: Innovation, Transformation, Enablement

Bit Source is a regional brand that is aligned with the digital transformation of Appalachia. Our team builds products to solve local, regional, national, and global challenges. Bit Source is focused on digital: innovation, transformation, and enablement. Evident in our efforts toward eco-system building, education, product development, and our service offerings. Scroll down to see more.

Municipal tools to connect with citizens

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CityAware enables municipal governments to connect with their citizens. Residents report non-emergency issues. The city administration can then assign those issue reports to key personnel to be resolved.

Creating safe school environments

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Lend A Hand, Take A Stand

Lend a Hand is a mobile app created to help foster a safe learning environment for students in grades 4-12. The app was designed to be a reliable and intuitive outlet for students to report safety concerns, bullying, drugs, weapons, and other threats in their schools.Lend a Hand also makes it easy for school administrators and emergency responders to quickly and efficiently respond to the incidents students report.

Rapid Response Naloxone Delivery Network

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The ODSave app is designed for a single purpose: to save lives. 75% of all opioid overdose deaths occur outside of a medical setting, with most happening at home.

When the app is used to report an overdose it can immediately notify responders with overdose-reversing Narcan who are nearby, potentially delivering a life-saving drug faster than a typical 9-1-1 call response.

The Hillbilly Days Festival Application

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Billy Finder

The Billy Finder mobile application is an informational and helpful guide for people to use during Pikeville, Kentucky’s annual Hillbilly Days festival.

The Billy Finder includes directions on where to find all of the upcoming events, food, nearby hotels, crafts, and learn about the history of Hillbilly Days. This mobile application is for families and friends to all come together and enjoy their culture, as well as help, raise money for the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

Bit Source is a supporter of:

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NSF Grant

Tough as Nails, Nimble Fingers: Developing a K-8 Coding Pathway for Kentucky Appalachia is a 3-year collaboration between Digital Promise Global and three school districts. Two of these are Kentucky districts that have been socially and economically challenged by the departure of the coal industry from their communities. The work represents Digital Promise’s first partnership with rural school districts to develop computational thinking and computer science pathways, with the long term goal of supporting a traditional “blue collar” community’s attempt to make the transition to a more “white collar” economy.

Mountain Top Media Live Stream

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Watch Sports Live

Mountain Top Media is an Appalachian company committed to providing hyper-local news, advertising, sports, entertainment, and branding to our central Appalachian region. Mountain Top Media is comprised of 14 radio stations, a cable/digital television station, multiple websites, and other digital properties.

You can count on Mountain Top Media; we’re local people telling the stories that matter to you.

Mountain Top Sports covers the 15th region as well as Letcher County and Jenkins and southern West Virginia schools.

What we can do for you
Bit Source works across many sectors to provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We have built complex database solutions, mobile application development, HIPAA-compliant products for healthcare, enterprise-level web solutions that serve hundreds of thousands of users, smaller websites, and web applications for local governments, businesses and brands.
Digital Transformation

We use our experience with technology to design the solutions you need for your business, municipality, or non-profit. Let us help enhance your customer experience, daily operation processes, and business models. Bit Source has experience across diverse industries and can build a strategy for every size and type of client.

Smart Manufacturing

In order to respond to changes in the global marketplace, Bit Source uses a technology-driven approach to monitor and improve the production process. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity we can optimize your supply chains, product designs, and enhance your productivity.

Data Science

We can help you make the right decisions at the right time. To make the most out of your data, our team of specialists uses Machine Learning, Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, and many other tools to optimize your processes.

Web Presence Consulting

Whether you need a responsive new website, fashionable branding, or social media management we can help you reach your digital marketing goals. Bit Source’s experienced team of designers, marketers, and developers work together to deliver unique and consistent graphics and design services consistent with your branding vision. The team utilizes existing platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to build campaigns around your brand elements to direct and improve customer engagement.

Website Development

Bit Source offers an assortment of website and web development options tailored to meet customers’ budgets and needs. Our development team has extensive knowledge with advanced programming languages and web development platforms. We also offer ADA-compliant accessibility and HIPAA-compliant websites.

Mobile Application Development

Bit Source offers multi-platform iOS and Android mobile application design and development. Our mobile application developers are exceptional at delivering value-driven solutions across sectors at any level of complexity or project size.

AR / VR / 3D

Bit Source offers custom AR and VR development, specializing in cultural and artistic experiences with forays into the various private sector and industrial applications. We also offer 3D modeling services, scene recreations, detailed building models, prototypes, and animation.

Healthcare Automation

Let us help you modernize your workflow, minimize human error, and optimize your patient’s experience. Bit Source offers HIPAA-compliant automation solutions designed to fit your needs so you can focus on delivering expert care to all your patients.

.NET Development

Our experienced developers can create custom apps, desktop, and web-based applications using .NET framework that will work across multiple devices and platforms.